Sunday, June 04, 2023


Full designs will be available soon.




Bill of Materials

This is ordered roughly as they are used.

  • 24"x24"x3/4" MDF Panel (6)
  • Spax MDF Screws
  • Wood Filler
  • MDF Safe Primer (Latex Based or Pre treat the wood)
  • Paint of your choice
  • 12v Tri Color LED strips
  • Arduino
  • Rasperry Pi
  • Metric Machine Screws
  • Metric Stand Offs
  • 18"x24" Lexan
  • 12-18 Guage Wire
  • 12v DC Power Supply
  • Panel Enclosure
  • Mains Power Switch and Port
  • Computer Power Cable
  • CAT6 Ethernet Keystone
  • CAT6 Ethernet Cable
  • Protosheild


Part 1


Here we put together the basic frame of the enclosure using a right angle clamp screws and wood glue.  Though the wood glue isn't shown (and in my build I forgot it in a few places) you should definitely use it, screws just hold the form while the glue sets.



Part 2

I squared off the back and sanded the whole box down to prep for priming.  Between filiming the 1st and 2nd part I realized that I forgot to glue some of the joints and I went to remove a few panels.  I underestimated how well the MDF screws actually held the wood together and it started destroying the MDF in the area.  I decided that it would just be better to run a screw every inch instead of breaking all of the boards.  If you are building one of these you should be putting glue on every joint, the screws generally are only there to hold the shape while the glue hardens.




Part 3

Here I route the edges round and paint on 3 layers of latex primer.  This is so when I go and paint my base coats it doesn't absorb directly into the MDF and have a poor finish.  I ended up using a small roller to paint the whole box after starting with a brush.  The brush was just used in the end for places the roller couldn't get to (trim work).  The primer came out nice and it is thoroughly prepped for a good base coat.  Next up will be painting the box and getting some kind of sealant on it.